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Note: There is a little "technology" audio interference in the 2/8/19 sermon "Don't Give Up". The interruption is very short. Another "Common Sense Evangelism" got cut off before the end. We are trying to replace both of these as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience. Please keep listening. 

Title Speaker Service Date Audio
#2 Graphite Pencil Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-02-11
#2 Graphite Pencil - Part 2 Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-02-18
23rd Psalm Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-12-31
Adversity Clay Bethea S,AM 2019-01-20
Ants Can Teach Us a Lesson Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-03-18
Are We Entering a Time of Persecution? Clay Bethea S,AM 2017-10-22
Are We Really Relying on Our Faith In God? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-09-30
Becoming A Christian Is Not Going to Take Our Struggles Away Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-08-05
Can God Save Me? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-11-25
Check Ourselves Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-06-04
Come and See Trey Head S,AM 2017-05-21
Common Sense Evangelism Ryan Hasty - Auburn, AL GM 2019-02-09
Count Your Blessings Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-11-18
Did You Do Anything for the Lord? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-10-15
Do We Remember? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-05-27
Do You Love God? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2019-01-06
Does God Hear a Sinner's Prayer? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2019-01-13
Don't Give Up Ryan Hasty - Auburn, AL GM 2019-02-08
Ephesians Dan Chaney GM 2017-05-11
Esther Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-09-16
Failure Can Be A Great Teacher Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-07-15
Fathers Day Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-06-10
First Principles Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-05-13
Fruit of the Spirit Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-10-14
Gifts from Above Trey Head S,AM 2017-08-06
Homosexuality - What The Bible Says Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-06-03
Hope Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-05-28
How Aware Are You of Jesus? Reggie Varnadore S,AM 2017-11-19
How Can I Take the Name of Jesus with Me? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-10-01
How Did I Get Through Last Year? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-01-07
How Many People Became Christians Because of You? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-11-12
How Many Things Have We Thanked God For? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-12-23
How the Devil will Tempt You Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2019-01-27
How to Enjoy Being a Christian Robert Harkrider SP 2017-07-30
I Peter - Don't Fear Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-02-25
I Peter - Growing Our Faith Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-04-08
I Peter 3 - Our Behavior Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-01-14
I Peter 4 - Quit Living in the Flesh Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-03-04
I Surrender All Ryan Hasty - Auburn, AL GM 2019-02-07
I Wish I had Known... Dan Chaney GM 2017-05-13
If You Could Be Born to Any Parents in All of History Dan Chaney GM 2017-05-13
In the Mind of Christ Reggie Varnadore S,AM 2017-11-26
Isaiah 1 Nathan Peeler GM 2017-08-23
Isaiah 36-37 Nathan Peeler GM 2017-08-25
Isaiah 52-53 Nathan Peeler GM 2017-08-26
Isaiah 58 Nathan Peeler GM 2017-08-27
Isaiah 6 Nathan Peeler GM 2017-08-24
Jesus in the Old Testament Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-04-15
Joshua's Success Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-12-16
Joy Dan Chaney GM 2017-05-12
Judges Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-08-26
King Menassah Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-07-01
Labor in the Vineyard Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-01-28
Living Your Life Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-06-25
Loveth Thou Me? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-05-20
Medical Facts of the Crucifixion Ryan Hasty - Auburn, AL S,AM,GM 2019-02-06
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-06-24
No Other Book Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-07-09
None Of Us Win Until We All Win Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-07-29
Only One Source of Authority Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-12-10
Our Lord Will Always do the Right Thing Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-10-08
Paul writes about Joy Clay Bethea S,AM 2017-09-24
Peter Reggie Varnadore S,AM 2017-07-23
Philip Was a Soul Winner Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-03-25
Pleasing God Rather Than Pleasing Man Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-04-01
Preeminent Supremacy Andy Berendt S,SP 2017-09-17
Pride and Humility Clay Bethea S,AM 2017-12-03
Procrastination Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-11-04
Put Your Faith in God Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-09-10
Rebekah's Characteristics Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-10-28
Repentance Trey Head S,AM 2017-09-03
Resentment - Let It Go Ryan Hasty - Auburn, AL GM 2019-02-10
Romans - Be Subject to Government Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-12-09
Romans - Overcome Evil With Good Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-12-02
Romans 12 Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-09-23
Romans 12 Continued Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-10-21
Ruth Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-09-02
Ruth...Continued Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-09-09
Saul Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-10-29
Sin - Galatians 5 Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-06-17
Sin - Galatians 5 Continued Clay Bethea S,AM 2018-07-22
Song Service Taylor & Douglas Bethea S,AM,SP 2018-05-06
Spiritual Decay Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-12-17
Substitutes Don't Work Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-04-22
Surprise Attacks Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-11-05
The Answer is Here in God's Word Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-07-16
The Before and After Picture Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-11-11
The First Christians Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-12-24
The Lord Always Gives Us a Way Out... Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-08-13
The Love of God Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-08-12
There are Some Beyond God's Help Reggie Varnadore S,AM 2017-07-02
Things That Money Can't Buy Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-08-19
Unlikely Places Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2017-08-20
What Really Happened at Philippi? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-04-29
Which One Are You? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-07-08
Who Do You Think is a Hero? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge S,AM 2018-03-11
Wisdom & Friendship Nathan Peeler GM 2017-08-27
Work, For God is With You Ryan Hasty - Auburn, AL GM 2019-02-06